Live Your Life Without Glasses or Contacts

Live Your Life Without Glasses or Contacts

Schedule Lasik eye surgery in Utica, NY

Imagine waking up in the morning before work and instead of reaching for your glasses, you just reach over to turn off your alarm and start your day. With Lasik eye surgery, you no longer have to put your contacts in first thing in the morning. Laser eye correction surgeries help restore your eyesight, so you can get rid of your corrective lenses.

At Francis Eye and Laser Center, we use high-quality lasers to perform Lasik eye surgery in Utica, NY. If you're ready to live your life lens-free, call 315-735-2100 today.

Why should I get Lasik eye surgery?

Lasik eye surgery is a great option for a lot of adults because of its ability to correct your vision with little to no downtime post-surgery. When you book a Lasik appointment, you will:

  • Notice immediate results
  • Avoid stitches and bandages
  • Reduce your lens dependence substantially
  • Experience little to no pain during the procedure

Francis Eye and Laser Center can perform Lasik eye surgery to help restore your vision. Give yourself the gift of sight by contacting our team today to schedule a Lasik appointment.